May 6, 2010

The Saga of my 'Lost and Found' Nokia

Warning : This is a lengthy one.

Okay, I'm so very glad that I could add the word 'found' after that 'lost'. It so happened that I was the owner of a Nokia N70 mobile phone. And now, I am, again. What happened in between is very obvious, I had lost it. The story goes like this. I had a nice working phone, with no complaints and no need to change to a new phone. Yet, just because it was more than a year that I had changed my phone, my mom and I felt that I can buy a new one. Just then had I fallen in love with Sony Ericsson Satio and so, bought it. Updated my new phone with the contacts and stuff from the old one and kept the nokia thingy to rest in a shelf in my room.

After a week, I wanted a snap that was clicked from my N70. I checked my shelf and couldn't find it. Now where can it go flying from there?.I guessed I must have put it into my table draw. I had wanted to do that, but wasn't sure if I had done that. I couldn't check my draw because it's lock was jammed.

There is this friend of mine, Sanjay. He had fed some softwares to that phone. There was a security software, wherein you feed a number other than your's to that software, and if any other sim card than the one you are using is inserted into it, a message will be sent to the number you already fed from this thief's number. I had done that. So I relaxed a bit, thinking that if anybody uses the phone, I shall anyways get to know. If that doesn't happen, then my phone is in my draw.
After more than a month, my friend forwarded me an sms saying a particular number is using this phone. I went to the police station and lodged a complaint. I loved my phone, and I couldn't let it go. Atleast not when I knew who was using it. This was march 31st. Dad gave the police whatever he had to too. Well, things never work otherwise you know. We got our assurance and came back.

One week passed by, and dad had paid two visits to the station. The staff there said that the complaint has been forwarded to a certain branch which takes care of such stuff and we better go there directly.

Got to know that the case file has not even been opened in that station. The inspector there gave assurance again, and told dad to call him after a couple of days. Three weeks, 2-4 calls per week, just assurance and assurance.

One day, he said that he had called that number and told them to return the phone within 30 minutes. 3 days passed and nothing happened. A friend of mine was courteous enough to let me know the name and address of the owner of that number from the phone service provider. Called up the police and told the same. They asked us itself to get more data if possible, coz they will have to go through 'formalities' if they have to do the same!!.

Two more days, and I get my phone back!!! Yippee :) .

Now time for my doubts.

Didn't the police think that that bugger would switch his phone off when they called him and told him to return the phone? They wouldn't be able to trace him because the address he had given to the phone company was fake. It made no sense.

When a common man can get details about a number from a company, why do the police have to worry about going through 'formalities' to get it?

I was telling my friends about this, and 4 of them told me either to bribe the police or get some influence soon, or forget my phone. Our system has rotten totally is it?

Major doubt about the culprit. The number is registered in a girl's name. So the police said they can't investigate it seriously and find out who it is. Since when did this 'Female sympathy' start in India? I don't see it for other things!

The person who returned the phone happened to be the brother of the girl who was using it. He said he bought it from some stranger in the bus stand. I had heard that girls are rented out at bus stands and stuff by pimps. But since when did people start selling mobiles there?

And even if that's the case, why on earth has my maid stopped coming to work abruptly? Now don't call that a co-incidence. Her previous month's salary is due in a couple of days. If she had to quit for any other reason, she would do it after that. She wouldn't let go of 1200 bucks!

Wonder if the police don't wanna waste their time on this or there is something else going on. But whatever crap thing it is, I'm happy I found my phone. Atleast they helped me a bit, and I shall have my gratitude for that!.

But I have to pay for my carelessness I guess. That bugger has deleted my snaps and I lost a few snaps clicked with a few people. Will never be able to click snaps with those people again in my life. I really regret losing them. But I wonder why he hasn't deleted my contacts list?!?.

But well, something is better than nothing . :-) Yippeee...yahooo.... I got my phone back :)

Glad to have found something lost,
Chandana C. Shekar


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

congratulations And regarding getting back your contacts And photographs maybe you can check www(dot)labnol(dot)org. Maybe there is some technical post existing regarding how to get back lost contacts/photograph through cellphones etc. etc.

sm said...

congrats for phone
congrats for your courage
and thanks for sharing this story.

brocasarea said...

wht a dumb police..he called and threatened the guy!

n series mobiles r pretty good..i use n70..:)

R. Ramesh said...

hey n70..u r my gang..
and congrats for the phone...hey Dr friend, i dint screw up idlis yar...just that my colleague had to ring up that time and i forgot totally about it...heheh..well, life is full of experiences, right?

kingkhan said...

yappa very lengthy story kane.. interesting though.. that duffer may be an amateur thief... whatever it is... you got your phone back.. that's great... maja madu

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

@ hobo- thanks. shall look into it

@sm- thanks for bein here :)

@pratap- i agree. N70 is really a nice phone :)

@manju- thats why i had put up that warnin at the start of the post, that it's a lengthy one :)

@ramesh- oh, same pinch for n70 ;). and all the best for ur next idlis ;)

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

Congrats on finding your fone atleast u didnt let it fall in the bathtub lol

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

@harjot.- thanks :). oh it ahs very much fallen into the bathtub.. into a bucket of water actually. it went off also. thought its dead, but it came back to me. bonding u see ;)